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Velouté with diced smoked Pancetta 
Leeks, potatoes & crunchy bread

Pancetta affumicata a cubetti




Vegetable stock 

Smoked pancetta 

Bread croutons

Extra Virgin Olive oil to taste

Salt to taste

Black pepper to taste

Semolina (100 g)

Peanut seed oil to taste


  • Remove the most external leaves from the leek, wash it, cut it into chunks and put it into the pot together with the peeled, rinsed and diced potatoes and fill the pot with vegetable stock.


  • Boil the vegetables for 25 minutes from the moment they come to the boil.


  • Meanwhile, pour the cubes of smoked bacon into a frying pan and fry them.


  • When the potatoes and leeks are cooked, transfer them to a container and blend them, adding only enough cooking water to obtain a smooth puree.

  • Add salt if necessary.


  • To serve, add the pan-fried pancetta cubes and a few bread croutons.

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