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Egg with Pancetta 
& fresh truffle flakes

Pancetta Tesa Dolce.jpg




Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Pancetta (2-3 slices)

Grana cheese (flakes)

Truffle (flakes)


  • Take a non-stick pan, pour in a knob of butter and melt it slowly over a medium-low heat, or if you prefer, grease the surface with a little oil.

  • When the butter is completely melted, pour in the egg. The right time is when the butter has started to sizzle.


  • Continue until the egg is cooked.


  • Meanwhile, in another frying pan, brown the 2-3 slices of pancetta.


  • When the egg is ready, pour it on a plate, decorate with the browned pancetta slices, some truffle shavings and Grana cheese.

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