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MUSELLI 79 by San Carlo

The origin of Salumificio San Carlo dates back to 1979, when Francesco Muselli created

this company to perpetuate the tradition of producing salumi, which is so deeply rooted in
the territory of Piacenza. The brand “Muselli79” by San Carlo is dedicated to a range of
products for the US market, specifically selected by the company’s founder, Mr Muselli,
who chose for USDA approval those products that best represent the features and flavors
of Italian traditional dry cured meats. The brand “Muselli 79” by San Carlo relates to the
history of the company and to the family that is managing it with passion since 1979.
The company is based on the hills of Ziano Piacentino, in Emilia, a region known in Italy
for its traditional gastronomy and for its richness in typical productions. The Muselli family
has always wanted to focus on a production inspired by the Italian tradition, aimed at
rediscovering the authentic flavors of the Piacenza area.
From a small family business the company has gradually grown into an important player in
the charcuterie market, in Italy and internationally as well.
In 1993, Salumificio San Carlo was a founding member of the “Consorzio Salumi
Piacentini PDO” aimed at the protection and promotion of the typical productions of
Piacenza. This is how in 1996 the first ambitious goal was reached: Pancetta Piacentina,
Coppa Piacentina and Salame Piacentino were awarded the DOP designation by the EU.
Since then, Salumificio San Carlo has been one of the main producers of these excellent
salumi, whose production is limited to the area of Piacenza to ensure their authenticity.
In 2018, after an important growth path, Salumificio San Carlo obtained the FSIS’s
acknowledgment for export of the products classified as “short-seasoned” to the United
States. As of today, it is still the only cured meat producer in Piacenza allowed to export to the US.
This is why San Carlo can offer to the US market a unique selection of Salumi Piacentini
PDO either in bulk or pre-sliced, also in the Antipasto formula, combining the variety of
taste of the three products.

Alongside the DOP, the brand “Muselli79” by San Carlo offers a wide variety of traditional
Italian products - USDA approved - that you’re invited to discover.
All of these products are available in different formats and packaging styles: bulk,

vacuum-packed, and pre-sliced.

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