Why choose San Carlo?

The company was founded in Ziano Piacentino, in Emilia, back in 1979, and from a small provincial artisan enterprise it has gradually grown into an important company in the charcuterie market, not only for the Italian market, but also on an international scale.
Perchè San Carlo

Perchè San Carlo
The company has been pursuing a Quality and Safety policy for its products for a number of years, protecting consumers with the guarantee of the San Carlo brand.
Significant and ongoing projects have been carried out over the years for company extensions and restructuring in order to comply with stricter hygiene-health standards, installing new machinery and modern and sophisticated systems for the continuous monitoring of all production phases. Food safety involves all company activities, from the selection of raw materials to production technologies, to staff training and to the careful cleaning of the premises.
Salumificio San Carlo is an ideal partner, since it offers safety and reliability, together with a great flexibility and the good traditional taste of its products.

As a response to market demand for products with high service content, since 2005 the company has started its production of pre-sliced salumi, packed in protective atmosphere: these operations are carried out following the most advanced technologies in an aseptic environment (Clean Rooms), where the highest hygiene standards are maintained.
The offer of pre-sliced salumi piacentini dop, in particular, has encountered the interest of the main retailers, since San Carlo’s production technology assures that these products retain the same flavor as those sliced at the moment at the Deli Counter.