DOP Products

San Carlo Salumi DOP

The DOP (PDO) abbreviation (Denominazione di Origine Protetta - Protected Designation of Origin) is recognised throughout Europe. The DOP mark identifies a product as originating from a region and a city whose qualities and characteristics are essentially and exclusively linked to the geographic area. All the production, transformation and processing of the product must occur within the defined area.

DOP certified products offer:

  • Quality, since they conform to an established production protocol and defined quality standards;
  • Traceability, since they originate from a specific area and the place of origin and transformation of the raw materials is therefore guaranteed;
  • Safety, since the products are guaranteed by control and protection bodies that have the task of informing consumers and of monitoring production;

For any product to become a DOP product, it must conform to a production protocol that regulates all the production and transformation phases. The protocol contains a series of indications and/or procedures that the producer of the certified product must follow.

The protocol includes:

  • the name of the product;
  • a description of the product with an indication of the raw materials and of its physical and chemical characteristics;
  • a definition of the geographic area;
  • a description of how the product is obtained;
  • the specific elements of the labelling associated with the DOP mark;
  • any special conditions to comply with as a result of European Community and/or national regulations.