Typical products

Typical products
Salumificio San Carlo is leader in the production of Coppa, Pancetta e Salame Piacentino DOP.
The typical products of Piacenza’s territory have always been at the heart of the company’s production and in the past few years these products have represented the focus of our company’s development plans.

Piacenza is the only province in the EU with 3 dry-cured meat products holding a PDO designation: this unique standing of our territory has become our pride.

Today we can thus offer our selection of salumi piacentini dop either whole piece or pre-sliced, also in the Antipasto formula, combining the variety of taste of the three products.

A relevant difference between standard products for industrial slicing and salumi piacentini dop is that for the latter the production technique doesn’t vary whether the product is used for slicing at the production site or is sold as a whole-piece : this is a peculiar feature of salumi piacentini dop, whose production specs are strictly adherent to tradition, and grant the same characteristics for the pre-silced trays.

Our main ranges of salumi piacentini dop are “I Piacentini” e “Gli Stagionati”.

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